West Indian Motherizms

Motherizms transcend race, nationality and ethnicity however in West Indian families they do tend to be a bit more colorful. These a few motherizms from my Bahamian, Barbadian and Jamaican friends. Enjoy.

"De highya de monkey climb de more he show him ass"
Translation: the higher the monkey climbs the more he shows his ass.
There is a special meaning here, its targeted toward people who are progressing both personally and professionally. The problem being that as they progress they get bside themselves with pride.

"Speak de truth an speak it eva cost you what it will, those who hide the wrong they done, do de wrong ting still"
Translation: tell the truth no matter what and be truthful about your own actions cause telling The truth but hiding your truths is still lying.
I believe the translation says it all.

"When yah mudda born you she born yah han too"
Translation: when you were born you had hands as well.
Learn how to do things for yourself. Be independent.

"Cast yah bred pon de watah, and it shall return not many days hence"
Translation: cast your bread upon the water and it shall return not many days hence.
Do what you can for others, one day someone will return the favor. Now days we call it "paying it forward".